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The divorce process, by its very nature, can bring up issues that are difficult and emotional. How the spouses will raise their children, and how that all-important task will be paid for is certainly high on the list of sensitive issues. How child support is settled will be a key part of the overall settlement and the future of the children. 

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Factors that Go into Child Support

Every couple’s child support agreement is different and adjusted to their unique circumstances. But there are general principles that the state of Illinois seeks to apply in all cases. 

It’s important to note an important legal distinction — child support is not the same as spousal support (alimony). The latter is money that’s intended for the spouse. Child support, on the other hand, is aimed exclusively at meeting the needs of the children, and the recipient spouse must spend it for that purpose. 

What are those needs? Let’s start with the basics. Children, like all of us, need a roof over their head. The home the custodial parent lives in should be appropriate to the number of children they are raising. The costs of food are included in the child support payment. The same goes for the cost of education, which can include extracurricular activities. 

Whether these costs include private school tuition is something the spouses, along with their attorneys, would need to address in a settlement negotiation. This issue underscores an area where each settlement can be different. 

It is presumed that children have a general right to share in the lifestyle of their parents. When the parents have large incomes, that lifestyle may include private schooling and other perks that would not be included in other settlement cases. A lawyer should be fully aware of what is considered typical for children at the income level of the divorcing parents. 

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Child Support Modification in Illinois

Life changes, and the financial lifestyles of divorced parents can change with it, for both better and worse. A parent that enjoyed a lucrative sales job may be laid off and see their income cut in half. A parent may remarry and have other children to support. When the parent making child support payments has life changes like these, it’s possible to seek out a modification to the original agreement. 

It’s also possible that the recipient parent might seek out a higher payment if their ex-spouse gets a big promotion, sees a business venture take off, or otherwise comes into more disposable income. Another reason for requesting a higher payment can be increased medical bills involving the child. 

All of these scenarios, and more, are ones that would impact the money available to spend on the child if the parents were married. That’s why it’s permissible to seek out modifications in the event they happen after the divorce. However, please be aware that modifications must be approved by the court. Parents should not change the payment amounts being made on their own. A reliable attorney can file a motion for modification and work towards its approval. 

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