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The right to feel and be safe is fundamental to every human being. When violence — be it real, threatened, or reasonably perceived as a threat — gets in the way of that security, victims have legal recourse. A Chicago order of protection attorney from our office can work with clients to help them get the protection they need. 

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Types of Restraining Orders in Illinois

Judges will grant restraining orders in different phases. The first phase is the Emergency Order of Protection (EOP). An EOP is filed when the threat of violence is immediate, and the police are summoned. A judge is called immediately, and an ex parte hearing is called. 

At this hearing, the defendant is not present. For this reason, the duration of an EPO is short — from 14 to 21 days in the state of Illinois. Its purpose is to give the victim a safe space before a full hearing can be held, at which point the defendant will be able to respond to the allegations. 

When the defendant is unable to be served with notice for the hearing, an interim order can be issued. This works fundamentally the same as an EOP — it is temporary, lasting no more than 30 days, but it extends the victim’s safe space until a hearing can be held. 

At the hearing is when the judge can hear both the victim and the defendant. A plenary order is at stake. This is as close to permanent as an order will get in the state of Illinois, lasting for as long as two years and potentially renewable on expiration as many times as the court feels is necessary for the safety of the victim. 

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How to Get a Restraining Order

When the hearing to decide on the plenary order is held, the victim’s side will need solid evidence to present. Examples of this might be threatening text messages or emails. Any phone messages should be preserved and presented in court. We can also work with clients to develop a list of potential witnesses, from neighbors to others in the community who have seen either the violence or the threat of it and corroborate what the victim is telling the court. 

Reach Out for Legal Assistance

Domestic violence is a terrible crime, and even being under the threat of it is an awful experience. That’s why, at NMS Family Law Firm, we know one of our first responsibilities is to listen to a client and understand the full scope of what they’ve been through. It’s then that we begin leveraging our considerable legal experience and acumen to work towards the protective order they need. 

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